• About Us

  • Dr. Andrew Jeanbart

    Dr. Jeanbart has 15 years of clinical dentistry experience; he practices and lives in Westlake Village, CA. His practice includes all phases of dentistry: periodontics, endodontics, prostodontics, orthodontics (Invisalign), cosmetic dentistry, and minor oral surgery. He takes pride in being there for his patients; simply, “let’s be honest, coming to dentist is not high on things most folks like to do, or think about, at least let’s be accessible and ready to help with our patient’s needs” Westlake Village Dental is a family, majority of the staff have been here for over 10 years! We are here to help you with your insurance, understanding your treatment plan, and options moving forward. “I always tell my staff, no matter how good you are at your technical job, dentistry is a service, be kind, helpful and patient and always remember our patients choose to come here” Dr. Jeanbart is active in continuing education and group dental discussions with colleagues in the field “dentistry is fluid, ever changing, there is always something new you can offer your patients! Competency is paramount, period. The trust my patients have invested in me hinges on my ability to diagnose and provide proper treatment and know when to refer to a specialist. That is my ultimate professional mandate” A husband to his beautiful wife Martha, father to two wonderful boys Anthony and Troy, and son to gracious mother. “After dad passed away, mom did everything possible in love and support for me to achieve my goals, a commitment that I, in turn, want to offer to Martha and the boys” Talk to him like your neighbor, because he already thinks of you as one. “Your smile is in good hands, welcome to the practice”

  • Rayanne Scuria

    Rayanne’s career in dentistry is life-long and has been an essential part of the team in the Westlake Village Dental practice through the ownership of three Dentists. She began as a Dental Assistant in 1981. She was asked to change roles to Office Manager in 1985. Those qualities of integrity, reliability, self-motivation, the capacity to see the big picture and to lead and collaborate organizationally; as well her friendliness, compassion, care and respect for staff and for patients led to this change in roles. She continues to be appreciated for these qualities by her colleagues and by our patients at Westlake Village Dental.

    Rayanne is happily married. She’s the mommy to five four-legged furry kids. She has a rich family life. She is one of six siblings and her husband is one of nine and they spend much time with their large and loving families. It might be hard to imagine the warmth and laughter in those family gatherings. Can you imagine the noise level?

  • Deborah Epstein

    Debbie’s career as a Dental Hygienist began when she graduated from USC with honors in 1974. She has been an integral and valued part of the team in the Westlake Village Dental practice since 1981. Some of her patients are in the third generation of families she began seeing in 1981.

    Her patients know Debbie for her profound dedication, for her empathy and for her kindness. First time patients often remark, with gratitude, for the extra time she takes to educate, and for the information that they had never before learned about their dental health. Debbie’s patients look forward to their appointments with her; both for the care they receive, and the gladness they feel to see her. Debbie feels and exudes warmth and happiness at seeing and keeping up with their lives as well.

    The practice has always had a family feeling. Debbie loves her teammates and the love is mutual. Debbie’s laugh is infectious and team members look forward to those moments when her laugh breaks out.

    Debbie is happily married to Robert Ogner and between them they have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Debbie loves and enjoys being with her entire extended family. She has the most joyful pleasure in being with and playing with her grandchildren. They are all learning to brush and floss correctly!